What is the Shepherd’s Field Program?

The Shepherd’s Field Program is a partnership opportunity between local churches and Shepherd’s Cove. The program encourages members of local churches to donate gently used household items and clothing to the Shepherd’s Cove Thrift Shoppe. The store then returns $5 per donation in the form of gift cards to each church to use for benevolence and community impact ministry.

Why does Shepherd’s Cove offer this program?

Jesus said (in John 13:35) that His followers would be known for how they loved. We want to partner with churches in their mission to show God’s love to the community in practical ways with no strings attached. We know churches are FOR the people of the community and they are in the best position to know the needs in the area. So this program is designed to equip churches with resources to make a difference.

How do I communicate the details of the program to my church?

We’ve made it easy. When a church members contact us for info, we’ll give them materials to share the details of the program with their congregation. Whether posters, bulletin inserts, social media graphics, or verbiage for announcements, we’ll give each member whatever materials they need to deliver the message in their church’s context. If requested, we can also provide speakers who can share about additional opportunities, like donation drives and volunteer services or events.

How does the partnership work?

It’s fairly simple:

  1. People donate their gently loved items to the Shepherd’s Cove Thrift Shoppe.
  2. The Thrift Shoppe employee receiving the donation will ask the name of the donor’s church.
  3. On a quarterly basis, each participating church will receive gift cards to the Shepherd’s Cove Thrift Shoppe. The church will receive a bundle of $25 gift cards at a rate of $5 for each donation made. Church staff can then give those to anyone in need.

By the way, donors will still receive a tax-deductible receipt for every gift made to the Thrift Shoppe.

I’m ready. How do I get my church involved with the Shepherd’s Field Program?

The quickest way is to sign up online at www.scthriftshoppe.com/shepherdsfield. We’ll contact you by e-mail within 24 hours with resources and other details. Then your church will begin accruing gift cards with every donation made on its behalf.

Call Shepherd’s Cove Thrift Shoppe to schedule